25 de May de 2021

Straight in poker: everything you need to know

The straight in poker is a hand that can have great potential if you play it strategically and manage to match specific cards and colours. However, […]
26 de April de 2021

Poker help programs

Poker help programs are one of the favorite tools for poker enthusiasts. They are a great help in understanding the dynamics of poker and beginning to […]
19 de April de 2021

Types of poker and how to play according to your playing personality

Surely you know that there are several types of poker, since it is a game that can be played in different modalities. Although the best known […]
15 de April de 2021

Strategies for poker tournaments: how to win easily

Poker tournaments host the most experienced players in the world. Some of the rising stars of poker have made the definitive leap to fame after their […]
22 de March de 2021

How to bet in poker: tips and advice from professional poker players

Poker is, above all, a gambling game. The leitmotiv that drives players to gather around a gaming table is to win money, and the more the […]
18 de March de 2021

Poker chips: how many are dealt and what are they worth?

Thinking of organizing a poker tournament at home? Then you need to know how many chips you need to be able to distribute among the players […]
15 de March de 2021

Poker body language: understanding poker tells

It is known by all that poker is a highly strategic game, much more than any other game that can be found in casinos. One of […]
27 de August de 2020

Most played poker types

Poker is a card game that has been with us for many decades and, although since its beginnings it has had great importance and relevance among […]
24 de August de 2020

15 tips to become a pro in online poker

Online poker is one of the most popular games in the world, as it is able to keep the adrenaline flowing even when playing in front […]