24 de November de 2021

Charts to play poker

In order to learn, improve and progress in the world of poker, the best thing you can do is to have good poker tables. Thanks to […]
18 de November de 2021

How to calculate poker odds

Poker has long been considered a game of chance, but the truth is that the skill and mathematical background needed to be able to opt for […]
15 de November de 2021

Flop poker: what is the flop in poker?

When explaining the fundamental parts of a poker game to a beginner, it is always insisted that four words are engraved in the memory: preflop, flop, […]
28 de October de 2021

Top 7 poker movies

The tremendous popularity of poker has allowed it to cross multiple frontiers of entertainment and it is increasingly implemented in formats such as cinema or video […]
20 de October de 2021

What is the poker bankroll and how to manage your money when playing poker?

Learning how to manage money in poker is one of the first strategies that we must learn in order to avoid going bankrupt at the first […]
17 de September de 2021

Omaha Poker: types, rules and everything you need to know

Omaha Poker is one of the most famous and popular variants in the poker world. This card game has players all over the world due to […]
13 de September de 2021

Top 7 poker documentaries and where to watch them

In poker it is common for novices to base their learning on watching poker tournaments and championships, but live broadcasts are not the only sources that […]
30 de August de 2021

How to win at poker: tips and tricks to play poker online

More and more people want to enjoy poker. Many people decide to play this card game for fun, although the truth is that the vast majority […]
18 de August de 2021

The 5 best online poker apps

The world of online poker is exciting. In it we can find an infinity of rooms that allow us to compete against rivals from all over […]
17 de August de 2021

Plays and poker hierarchy

It is basic to learn how to play poker the order of importance of the moves. The hands are decisive in determining the winners of the […]
20 de July de 2021

How to play poker tournaments

How to play in an online or live poker tournament is one of the most common questions that often comes up for poker players who want […]
14 de July de 2021

Types of poker players

As in every game and in every sport, there are several types of players depending on their profile and their technique to defeat their opponents. Poker […]
8 de July de 2021

All about Texas Hold’em

Texas Hold’em is one of the most popular forms of poker in the world, along with Omaha. This legendary game, which became fashionable in the 70s, […]
25 de June de 2021

12 tips to avoid losing at online poker

The online side of poker continues to gain followers given its enormous accessibility and the simplicity with which you can participate in a game table. Using […]
22 de June de 2021

Rules of poker with dice: how to play the dice cup

One of the most fun variants of traditional poker is the one involving dice. Liar’s poker, also known as dice poker or and vulgarly referred to […]
27 de May de 2021

How the ICM is calculated: everything you need to know

The ICM in poker stands for Independent Chip Model, a concept closely linked to online poker. The calculation of the ICM in poker has a lot […]
27 de May de 2021

30 famous poker quotes from famous poker players

Premeditated or not, the truth is that there are some reactions that have left phrases for posterity. In order to remember and pay tribute to some […]
25 de May de 2021

Straight in poker: everything you need to know

The straight in poker is a hand that can have great potential if you play it strategically and manage to match specific cards and colours. However, […]
26 de April de 2021

Poker help programs

Poker help programs are one of the favorite tools for poker enthusiasts. They are a great help in understanding the dynamics of poker and beginning to […]
19 de April de 2021

Types of poker and how to play according to your playing personality

Surely you know that there are several types of poker, since it is a game that can be played in different modalities. Although the best known […]