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Bitcoin Poker


Bitcoin Poker is one of the best payment methods among the poker online players. This is because of the important advantages it offers, like the fact that transactions take place faster with other payment methods and that your funds are sent directly to your balance, without needing a third party.

Bitcoin Poker makes things easier not only for poker rooms like Pokertime, but also for its players, since anonymous transactions are possible through this cryptocurrency. You will never have to submit any personal data whenever you deposit on Bitcoin Poker, so anonymity is always ensured for your deposits and withdrawals.

Another great pro of using Bitcoin Poker is that the vast majority of poker sites that accept this cryptocurrency have a lower rake charge. This means players get to keep a greater portion of their winnings in sites with Bitcoin Poker than in other online poker sites.

The last advantage we want to talk about is quite important: whenever you make a deposit through Bitcoin Poker your money will be converted but it will remain the same amount of the currency without taking into account any kind of fluctuations in the price of Bitcoin Poker.


This cryptocurrency is also known as stablecoin because you can always no matter what redeem 1 USDT coin for $1.00, which means the coin will always have a stable price. This happens this way since stablecoins like USDT Poker are anchored to real-world currencies, making their value protected from the volatility of other cryptocurrencies and protecting your balance. When poker players deposit through USDT, the money is converted allowing players to hit the tables. And, after the game, you can always withdraw your winnings back to your eWallet. Another great advantage of this cryptocurrency to play poker online is the fact that has a lower transaction fee than other cryptocurrencies, which means you can make the best out of your profits.

The best
payment methods

As we told you, we only choose those payment methods that guarantee our players security and that offer the best facilities for them. On Pokertime Clubs you will be able to manage your own deposit and cashouts with no need to depend on a poker agent or the club’s owner.

To us is extremely important to only recommend those payment methods that make our site completely safe and reliable to our players. That’s the reason we’ve chosen Bitcoin Poker and USDT since those two offer the strongest confidentiality, making your money and virtual data always safe. Also, both USDT and Bitcoin Poker ensure the correctness of the transfer and make sure to deliver the transfer where they’re sent, that way you can be sure that nobody will be able to access your money but you.

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