How is the traffic at Pokertime

Pokertime is one of the most popular poker rooms in existence today. And it is not surprising, taking into account the great amount of advantages it offers.  With Pokertime only the winning players have to pay the rake, while in the rest of the cases the participation is free. In addition, Pokertime allows us to deposit and withdraw cash using cryptocurrencies -such as BTC, ETH and USDT-. On the other hand, it highlights its Lucky Card promotion in which a lucky hand is announced every day -which can help us to win several prizes-. But, what most attracts our attention is its stable traffic -without the need to enter the club system with different agents-. In this article we will go into more detail on everything you need to know about the traffic of one of the latest Chinese successes, the Pokertime room. If you are thinking of playing there, we recommend you to read this article first!

What is Pokertime’s traffic like?

Pokertime stands out for having a traffic that remains stable over time. As the player pool is invariable, this room does not need to use a system of clubs through the different agents. It is worth noting the following characteristics about Pokertime’s traffic:

  • Tables are created every 2 or 2.5 hours.
  • The most popular format for players is NLH 8-max and 6-7 max in high stakes.

Pokertime has a large number of recreational players at medium and high limits. Generally, it is possible to find action at any time of the day and night (in the European case).

Pokertime’s peak traffic

The peak traffic of Pokertime players is concentrated during the evenings on the Asian continent. It should be remembered that this is a poker room of Chinese origin, so most of the players are based in Asian countries. In any case, this does not prevent players from all over the world from participating -even though the interface is in Chinese- since it is very intuitive and easy to understand (as is the case of players from the USA and Australia). In this poker room there have been peaks with more than 150 tables in the entire lobby -and in the different game modes-, especially during the afternoons in the Asian continent. In addition, connections have reached up to 1,000.

Pokertime average traffic

As in many Asian poker applications, the hours when we can find more players are during the day and early afternoon in Europe. This room is characterized by offering only NLH and Short Deck cash games. However, the action is mainly focused on the 8-max No-Limit Hold’em tables. In general, the number of tables is usually distributed as follows:

  • NL60 USD // 1/2 (4) CNY = 30 tables, approx.
  • NL120 USD // 2/4 (8) CNY = 20 tables, approximately.
  • NL300 USD // 5/10 (20) CNY = 15 tables, approximately.
  • NL600 USD // 10/20 (40) CNY and above = 5 tables, approximately.

The usual number of connections, on the other hand, is usually 500 at peak time.

How many people are registered at Pokertime?

As can be seen from the data available on Pokertime’s official website the application has a total of 12,686 real players registered from all over the world. In addition, its app was rated as the best in 2019 in the poker world, reaching a maximum of 152 tables in action simultaneously in the lobby of its application.

About Pokertime and its players

Pokertime is a poker room that limits its functions to NHL and Short Deck mode games. The action in this room is quite continuous, as we have explained in this article, in addition, the lowest limits of the buy-ins start at 0.1 (which is equivalent to $0.015). To play Pokertime it is necessary to download the application that is available for both Android and iOS, this does not allow the use of third-party software.

Players, on the other hand, make up a soft field since most of them play poker recreationally. However, it should be made clear that, with the gradual popularization of this app, we can find more and more players with a medium or higher level. In any case, it is important to note that it is very easy to position and level up to date -compared to many other poker apps-. The best thing to do is to have some experience and patience when it comes to making a career with this poker room.