Pokertime Games

In recent years, Chinese rooms have welcomed the majority of recreational players who are fond of poker. This audience constitutes their main advantage and attraction, as many more experienced players look for this type of rivals to enjoy a more relaxed and enjoyable experience.

Pokertime is one such Chinese room that has climbed to the top of the poker app industry. Users will have noticed that Pokertime shares some features with other poker rooms, however, it has its own characteristics that make it stand out.

As far as players are concerned, the Pokertime app is powered by the Red System Dragon, which is presented as a new generation of Chinese poker sites that bet on the decentralized club system. Thus, on Pokertime, we find a general pool of players, each of whom has created his own account via email.

Once registered, the fun begins. We tell you what games you can find at Pokertime and what are their features.

What are the games available at Pokertime?

In the Pokertime app we can find games similar to those available on other Chinese poker sites.

Pokertime’s innovative and totally cutting-edge interface hosts a wide variety of games such as: Texas Hold’em, Omaha, Omaha Hi Lo, Razz, 5 Card Draw, 5 and 7 Card Stud, at head-to-head or multiplayer tables. Not to mention that there is also a casino section that houses Blackjack, Roulette and Video Poker.

As far as Texas Hold’em Limit is concerned, we can find games ranging from $0.05/$0.10 up to $150/$300, with the highest limit usually in the $5/$10 range. No Limit Holdem is somewhat more interesting.

One of the features of Pokertime is that only No Limit Holdem and Short Deck cash games have a place in its gaming offer. Another interesting point to highlight is that Pokertime offers no limit stud games, something that is not very common among the different poker sites.

In tournaments we find a very similar situation. We hardly find any difference in the offer with respect to other poker sites. Although they do not have the $0.10 tournaments that we find in other apps, they do offer Sit and Go tournaments, with entries as low as $1. In addition, they also offer multi-table freeroll tournaments, as well as tournaments with four-figure buy-ins for high-level players.

In fact, Pokertime recently introduced a number of innovations and changes to its software in order to increase its gaming offerings to players. Some of these changes had to do with the launch of new and exciting types of tournaments, where fun and excitement are assured.

Another of Pokertime’s changes for the benefit of its players was the creation of private tables, allowing users to play at tables outside the network. The response from players has been very satisfactory, since they can now enjoy Texas Holdem games, as well as Omaha poker at these private tables, which are indicated in green and are exclusive to Pokertime players.

How are the games at Pokertime?

As we have mentioned, players are unified in a common group or table. The highest peak of traffic in the games coincides with the night in China, when we can find up to 150 tables in the main lobby.

As in other Chinese poker rooms, the games are very smooth, keeping the action low. However, everything will depend on the type of players we face, as well as the stakes. As far as the stakes are concerned, we find a lot of No Limit Holdem traffic in all of them.

On PokerTime we can find from free and low buy-in games to some that require several hundred dollars for the buy-in. On the other hand, freerolls are weekly events that are played together with some guaranteed tournaments.

Among the characteristics of the games, we highlight the following:

  • Each table is created for a duration of 2h-2h30′.
  • The games are played with play money (PKC and PKT).
  • The most common format is NLH 8-max. And 6-7 max. in high stakes
  • Games feature ante and straddle
  • Tables with a minimum VPIP of 35% are indicated with icons.

What are the players like at Pokertime?

As mentioned, the large percentage of Pokertime players are recreational, so the action is relatively low. However, the soft field is composed, in its vast majority, of poker fanatics.

Does this mean we can’t find pro players? No, we can find them, but they will have a minority representation.

If you are looking for more aggressive competition, go for the higher stakes tables. If, on the other hand, you are looking for a quiet game of poker just for the fun of it, the free tables offer little competition, as well as those where the stakes are low.

We can conclude that the gaming experience at Pokertime is enjoyable, fun and relaxed. Its variety of games and tournaments are just some of the reasons to visit this poker room. On the other hand, it is the ideal room for beginner or returning poker players who are looking for a smooth game with good traffic.