Pokertime promotions

It is happening. Online poker is becoming a modality of game chosen by more and more poker lovers. The possibility of playing from the comfort of your home, choosing the room’s busiest times, the variety of games, as well as the attractive promotions offered by online poker rooms, are just some of the reasons that explain the growing triumph of online poker.

In the last few years, Chinese online poker rooms have positioned themselves as true referents as far as this game is concerned. Among these, we find PokerTime, one of the Chinese rooms that are sounding with more force.

The reasons? We will tell you below.

What is Pokertime?

This is an application developed in China that stands out for its vanguardism, which has catapulted it to the top of the poker application industry. Although it has certain similarities with other poker club rooms – such as the interface, for example – the truth is that it is in its differences where we find the reasons for its success. 

Among its differences, we highlight that, in Pokertime, there is a general pool of players, banishing the system of clubs with different agents. The player creates his own account easily and quickly through an email. In fact, Pokertime allows you to create up to 3 accounts on the same device, thus benefiting from the possibility to play on several tables at the same time.

Why to choose Pokertime?

In addition to the above mentioned, Pokertime presents a series of attractive and interesting features that make it one of the most chosen poker rooms.

On the one hand, it is an app that guarantees total security in payments. Deposits and withdrawals are made through cryptocurrency transfers (BTC, ETH, USDT). Behind the app, we find a whole team of professionals who perform continuous and rigorous analysis, in order to detect possible fraudulent or suspicious accounts, thus ensuring a safe game. Such security is guaranteed by the RNG certificate issued by Gaming Laboratories International.

On the other hand, we find its rake structure. Only those who win the games or tournaments will pay rake to the room. If at the end of your participation, you obtain negative results, you will not be charged any commission.

In the case of paying rake, it will depend on the limit and the winnings obtained. For example:

  • Up to 5/10/20: 5% rake
  • From 10/20/40: 4% of rake
  • Short Deck Hold’em: 2% rake at all limits.

At higher limits, the rake is only 3%.

The software deserves a special mention, whose efficient and attractive interface alone justifies the leadership of this application in the field of online poker. Moreover, it is available for both Android and iOS systems. But not only that, you can also enjoy Pokertime from your computer using an Android emulator.

If you have any doubts, queries or problems, you will find yourself supported by an efficient customer service committed to user satisfaction. You will be able to contact them directly via email, getting a response as soon as possible.

But if there is one thing we have come to talk about one of the best Chinese online poker rooms, it is their promotions.

What are the Pokertime promotions?

Along with the features and advantages that we find at Pokertime, its offer of available promotions makes this poker room even more attractive.

As you will know if you already have some experience in the world of online poker, you will be aware of what the Spanish legislation allows to deal with poker room promotions. In this regard, we remind you that, according to Royal Decree 958/2020, dated November 3 of the new Spanish Government’s Gambling and Betting Regulation Law, no information about welcome or sign-up bonuses for new users can be offered.

What we can inform you about is that, although the Pokertime room does not offer Rakeback, that is, it does not reimburse the percentage you pay to the poker room, it has a very attractive promotion: Lucky Card.

Luckycard promotion

This is a particularly attractive promotion, especially for those users who play casually.

Every day, Pokertime, through the Luckycard promotion, announces a “lucky hand”. These are cards of their own that offer a reward if you get them several times a day. If you get 3 lucky hands in a day, the Luckycard promotion gives you five big blinds. In case you get them 7 times, you get 1% of the prize pool. If you get 11 times the lucky hands, you get 5% of the prize pool.

Remember that Partypoker promotions and rewards can only be applied to those users who have been playing for 30 days.

Fidelity Program

But Pokertime also rewards its most assiduous and loyal players, making them participants of its loyalty program. In this program you get more points the more you play. Once you have earned enough points, you can redeem them for cash. In other words, Pokertime pays you to play, making it a win-win promotion.

This loyalty program is usually composed of several levels that you go through as you earn points. In the higher levels you will find very attractive options such as: exclusive bonuses, fast withdrawals or higher deposit limits.

Once you reach the maximum level, you will be invited to join the VIP Club, which will open the door to a new stage where you will enjoy special VIP treatment.


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