Pokertime Review

Pokertime is a Chinese poker room that has a lot of relevant advantages over other Chinese online poker sites and that are the ones that have earned it the position it now holds. In our Pokertime Review we will explain the main aspects you should know about this poker room in order to enjoy it to the fullest.

Advantages of Pokertime

  • You will find it easy to create your account, since you only need to enter an email address that exists. And from anonymity!
  • There are also facilities when making your deposits or withdrawals, especially because you will not depend on an agent or the club itself.
  • The game is safe thanks to the security offered by the app, with a system that checks for possible violations and suspicious accounts.
  • The game on this poker app is soft and the traffic is mostly composed of Chinese poker players.

Disadvantages of Pokertime

  • Third-party software is prohibited, so you won’t be able to enjoy playing with HUD. Please note that if you try to use it, Pokertime App may block your account.

How’s the rake
at Pokertime?

One of the most important aspects of our Pokertime Review is to talk about the rake structure of this online poker app. The way the rake works in this app is as follows: only winning players pay rake. This way, you are covered if at the end of the game you have negative results. In Pokertime the tables are created with a time limit ranging from one hour to two and a half hours, being the rake calculated at the end of the table session.

In addition, the percentage of rake charged will always depend on the limit, but also on the winnings, being distributed as follows:

  • From 10/20/40 4% of rake
  • Up to 5/10/20 5% rake
  • 2% on all Short Deck Hold’em limits.

How's the software at Pokertime?

As you will see when you log in, the Pokertime app has the same interface as other Chinese mobile poker rooms. Fortunately, there is a recent English version, so you will be able to play without needing Chinese language skills to navigate its interface.

The Pokertime App client is designed so that it can be launched only from Android and iOS platforms. If you want to play on a laptop or desktop computer you will need to use an Android emulator.

The Pokertime software has customization options for the appearance of the playing cards and tables, as well as for the betting buttons. You’ll also find filters, a list of games available in the app, and shortcuts to both your profile and the cashier in the main client lobby.

How are deposits and withdrawals at Pokertime?

Another of the best features of this app that we wanted to highlight in our Pokertime review are the instant deposit and withdrawal functions that this room has. In addition, you can even manage deposits and withdrawals yourself without having to rely on an agent, which is quite an important advantage and will speed up the process.

The Pokertime App applies the same exchange rate in USDT for deposits and withdrawals, but it is important to note that, if you want to withdraw your funds for ETH or BTC, there is a difference between 6 and 8%, so you should take this into account. Besides, the minimum deposits for ETH are 0.01, for BTC 0.002 and for USDT 25 dollars.

Whatkind of games
hay en Pokertime?

In this poker app you can enjoy games from NL60 to NL3K. Of course, you should always keep in mind that, as with most Chinese poker apps, the games are very soft compared to those in other countries. The action will depend on the ranges you choose. In addition, Pokertime has a wide variety of NLH traffic for all ranges, something that we consider an important advantage in this Pokertime review.

The best time to enjoy good traffic while playing is located in the Chinese afternoon time range. If you are European, you will see a considerable increase in traffic during the afternoons (mornings, in case you are in the American zone).

Conclusion of our Pokertime Review

For us it is one of the great recommended for beginners or returning poker players looking for a smooth and soft game, with good traffic and without complications when it comes to managing deposits and withdrawals.